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Born and raised a region rat in Northwest Indiana, Andrew always had a passion for film. When Andrew was four he realized he wanted to be an actor when he picked up his Dad's old Hi-8 camera and started yelling nonsense right into the lens. Andrew realized early on he may not be able to find work as an actor and started to work behind the scenes creating his own movie shorts. By high school Biesen still couldn't shake the acting bug and his loving parents worked too much to chaperone him at casting calls so when Andrew turned 18 he set out and got his headshot, built his resume and found representation. After realizing his talents we best utilized more behind the camera, he went on to start his film career by attending Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy.

During his time at Flashpoint Aademy, Andrew studied Post-Production with a fascination with web design and Motion. Working with an eye for marketing, Andrew took his time practicing his skills as a casting director. With a soft spot for actors, Andrew spent most of his time after school reaching out to talent agents and planning the next shoot. After a casting call for one of the features, Andrew started representing actors like Erik Zachary and Madison Moran.


He has always thought of himself as a jack-of-all-trades until he met his boss and mentor Vince Chavez at Elkhorn Entertainment. Between Andrew's schooling and the experience he gained with Vince, he was able to bring his skills to a new career in Reality Television.  Growing the ranks from PA to AP to Segment Producer, Andrew honed his skills at communicating with people and finding the story. Working on shows like TLC's My Strange Addiction and Lifetime's Married At First Sight, Andrew spent a good chunk of his 20's on these shows which led him into the PGA AP Council in 2019. 

In 2016 in between shows, Andrew decided to invest in market gaps like the Motorola CP200 walkies and directors chairs. By investing in gear the city needed, Andrew wasn't only able to flip the gear to nearby rental houses but help become a valuable resource in Chicago. In 2018 Andrew decided to start a partnership with Light Modifiers Rental to help expand the rental side of the business. After one year in business we overhauled the website, managed the seo, worked with the city of Chicago and streamlined processes for optimal customer service which resulted in a 300% growth in revenue within the company. 

Today you can find Andrew working out of Light Modifiers Rental or at a coffeeshop around the city. 

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