Casting and Producing can sometimes go hand and hand. Whether they are union or non, on or off camera; Andrew helps clients find the right talent.

Branded Content

Highlighted Work: Office Depot

In 2014 Andrew was not only the AP of Elkhorn Entertainment but he played a pivotal role as casting director on a multitude of projects, union and non. This Office Depot spot was one of many where we had to fill principal and back ground talent.

Other Credits: Office Depot Future, Baron Chocolate, Corner Bakery Spec


Highlighted Work: "CAPELINE" by AKA MEDIA INC

Working with AKA MEDIA INC in Chicago, Andrew helped build out creative ways to solve complex problems on the spot. With only 10 days to air we built and manufactured an exploding blender, cast non union talent and hire crew. Working with breakdown express we started conversations with agencies like Gray Talent Group and Lily's in Chicago.

Other Clients: Office Depot, Baron Chocolate, Epsilon Agency Videos


Highlighted Work: "Now & Not Yet"

While attending Tribeca Flashpoint Academy in downtown Chicago,  Andrew was exploring his interest as a Casting Director. In 20169 Andrew helped Rougue Shark's Dan Harris cast one of his many shorts. Finding people who were comfortable with the extremely social film was tricky, but through breakdown express, friendly agents and some luck we found our cast.

Other Clients: Now & Not Yet, Star Child

Music Video

Highlighted Work: "Heal Me" by Jay Doubl

In 2015 Andrew was hired by Jay Doubl to cast his music video called "Heal Me". Working on a budget Andrew helped build out the ensemble who was willing to have fun on camera. Take a look at all these highly creative on-camera talent.

Other Credits: I Am Sayyii "Winter Mix"


Highlighted Work: "Summer BBQ" by TUMS

In 2014 Andrew was a full time Producer at Elkhorn Entertainment where he learned how to produce commercial content from the ground up. During his time as a producer Andrew was also Elkhorn's in house casting director. With over 150 submissions Andrew found the perfect TUMS Radio voice out of North Carolina.

Other Credits: Breathe Right Radio Ad

United States

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