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Freelance Film Industry Marketing: Physical and Digital

If you ever went to film school they always tell you to market yourself. Much like traditional jobs, they tell you to get business cards, formate a templated resume and build a website. Teachers tell you these are the key to success but lets be honest, you went to film school to create, to innovate, to change a perspective. Instead of following the mold (you didn't anyways, you went into an art major) why not change the way you market? In this blog we'll go over two types of marketing; physical and digital marketing.

Physical Marketing in the Film Industry

Physical marketing are physical objects you hand out to potential clients and vendors to work with. Some physical marketing ideas are: - Business Cards

- Flyers, Promo Cards

- Lighters

- Swag, promo materials After graduation I was eager and prepared to show off my Andrew Biesen Logo with the red E's to show the world, I was red-e for anything! Which sorta worked for a while but not really.

For a few years I kept this logo and style as I grew in the industry. After seeing my cards on the ground again and again, I realized something needed to change. I had to think outside the box. Weeks later I was out in Denver and noticed a cigar lounge had their logo on their lighter. It was something someone always asked for on sets and never can find one. That same week I found a site that printed lighters at a reasonable price which lead to this:

After going to networking events, loosing lighters and people stealing lighters I saturated Chicago film market with my name on it. People would always ask "why did you put it on a lighter?" Ad Agency- "Every idea begins with a spark!" Corporate Clients- "Fire is one of the most primal instincts we need." Crew Members- "Everybody here smokes something."

Everyone else- "Why did you need one?" Soon I was getting my brand awareness which lead me to some higher profile people. Eventually the higher I climbed the more I really needed to go back to cards.

This lead to another marketing tactic where we stayed on the lines of innovation. Cards with weight seem to be retained way better and less forgotten. At Light Modifiers Rental we printed a series of cards on heavy plastic to really stand out from the competition.

Digital Marketing for Film/Television

Having a digital presence is very important in the industry. There are a few types of digital marketing such as: - Websites

- Social Media - Demo Reels

- Portfolios/Resumes


As each of these topics are pretty in-depth, Ill keep it as short as I can on this one. Websites: Think of your website as your online real estate. When a client or an employer look you up, you want a weskit thats easy to find, easy on the eyes and is informative. If you don't know HTML or HTML 5 programming use sites like,,

and other web builders By properly building and marinating your website, you can show clients that you know how to market. Lets face it, marketing and sales go hand and hand and if you can't market yourself then how can you market a client?

Samples of websites that I have created in the past:,,

Social Media: We all are hearing the phrases "what's your instagram handle?", or "Do you have Facebook?". Whether you are a freelancer or a small business owner, social media is a great and easy tool to stay on top of mind. As long as you not only post quality quantity and consistently, but continue engagement with fans and future fan bases, you'll see your network grow. A few weeks back I posted a video on snapchat of a video I did for Within a few minutes I was hit up by an old boss of mine that mentioned he was in need of some gear for his future shoot. That video actually brought in an ROI of $1300 in less than 5 minutes to post it.

Demo Reel: Demo reels are a great way to showcase a string of clients and projects without having to take up much of someones time. By splicing a series of your best work, you ensure the projects your clients are seeing are the ones you want them to see. There are no right and wrong ways to edit a demo reel, it just can't loose the attention of the viewer.

In my latest demo reel I was able to take a new approach to combat short attention spans. By going with a high temp song and larger scale projects, I was able to fit a great slew of jobs while keeping the demo reel under a minute.

Below are two demo reels that showcased my producing work at the time.

In my latest demo reel I was able to take a new approach to combat short attention spans. By going with a high temp song and larger scale projects, I was able to fit a great slew of jobs while keeping the demo reel under a minute.

Portfolio/Resume: Similar to a website, some people choose to use a and other similar sites that are basic landing pages. This usually only includes a handful of work and a list of projects the person has worked on. SEO: Search Engine Optimization is very crucial to online marketing. By having better SEO Google, Ask Jeeves and Bing place your search results higher in the page. Having good SEO is a series of word evaluations, quality content and code structures. By following the rules of JSON you can find results like this below:

In the next blog we'll dive deeper into online marketing and code structures.

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